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REVIEW Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover & Micellar Water #CleansedByNivea


In today's post I am gonna write my experience in using Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover and the Micellar Water. I believe I have told you how I really like the micellar water, HERE (click to read it)

Now I am going to review its newest product, the Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover:

First thing I wanna point out is that it's AGAIN.. NON-FRAGRANCED! Yeaaayy

I'm so relieved to see that this one is fragrance free. Because for eye area, fragrance can irritate your eyes so you better use eye care products that are free from fragrance.

The performance of this eye makeup remover is undeniably great. You can see on my instagram post: HERE, and youtube video: HERE, that it wiped waterproof mascara effortlessly and without the usual greasy feeling you experience with other eye makeup removers.

To be honest I am very impressed. I did not think it would be this good. It instantly becomes my #1 favourite eye and lip makeup remover <3

As for the micellar water, I have made a full review on it before but I'm just going to recap things I love about it:

1. It's non-fragranced.

2. NO ALCOHOL at all

3. No colourant

4. No greasy feeling

5. Very gentle on the skin


You can find these products at any drugstore, OR if you don't like the hustle and bustle of finding a place to park at a mall on weekends, you can just buy 'em HERE

Until next post, guys! Thank you for reading <3

Btw, if you haven't watched it, I made a collab video with my very own little sister, Kallista, you can watch it down below:

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