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REVIEW Solusi by Martha Tilaar


It's been a while since my last post. It's because I was busy preparing for my study and stay at the Netherlands. Yes, I am pursuing my Master's Degree in the Netherlands. But, there is a skincare range from Indonesia that I reeeally like so I brought them all with me here in Leiden.

It's the Solusi range by Martha Tilaar!

Sociolla let me try these products and I am glad I received it well.

I got the face cleanser, face wash, face toner, day cream, and night cream.

What's interesting from this range of products is that it is Organic and certified. It has the ECOCERT, which is a certification given for products that are organic and natural. Besides that the ingredients are also safe and environmentally-friendly.

This range is also PARABEN-free, cruelty free (no animal testing), and halal.

If you have never heard of the magic of vitis vinifera (grape), you have to now.

The grape extract contains a high level of antioxidant, useful for skin. It is to fight aging, to regain skin elasticity, and to maintain the level of moisture of your skin.

Besides grapes, this range also contains Licorice, which is very effective in brightening the skin. What's amazing about this range is that it is safe for ALL SKIN TYPES, even though it contains a bit of fragrance. Because... the fragrance is not an artificial one but naturally derived.

Okay so let's start unraveling each product:

1. Face Cleanser

This is a milk cleanser from Solusi.

How to use it is you apply it all over your skin, massage it, and then wipe it off using tissue/cotton pad. I recommend using facial tissue.

Mildly scented, gently cleansing. It's not too strong so waterproof makeup needs to be erased first.

2. Face Toner

Alcohol-FREE! Although this range is scented, it is very mild.

This toner is amazing. Even if you apply it directly from your palm to your face it does not feel sticky or drying.

3. Moisture Lotion

A moisturizing lotion, suitable for dry-combination skin. This is very light and I usually use it at night too since the night cream is very rich. The texture is amazing, absorbs wonderfully into skin and does not feel sticky.

4. Face Wash

THIS ONE IS THE BEST. I loveeeeee this face wash. The perfect face wash for all skin types. It does not dry out the skin but cleanse it very very very well. I am so gonna buy this when mine is finished.

5. Night Cream

The texture is light but when you apply it you can feel that this moisturizer is rich.

I have to say that this one suits dry skin more. Oily skin might find this product to be too thick.

Nonetheless, I still like it. I am gonna need this especially when it's winter. I am sure I will love this when the weather is cold.

All in all, I give this range a 9/10 because of its beautiful ingredients. This range is so underrated, while in fact this is amazing.


You can get it at Sociolla and when you use my code SBNLA9QB, you can get a Rp50.000 discount for every 250k purchase!

Until next post! Thanks for reading!

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