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Know Your Beauty Products' Ingredients with Skincarisma

Hi! Apologize for missing in action for a couple of months. You can still see me actively reviewing products on my Youtube and Instagram accounts, though. I have been super duper really busy with my master thesis, exam, and assignments so I kinda neglected my blog.

BUT, since today I have a very important information to share to you, I decided to make a post!

Today's post is going to be about a website that I really adore and that I am so grateful to stumble upon:!

So what is this website for and what is it about?

In short, skincarisma gives us a breakdown of a product's ingredients. Say, for example, you want to try out a face wash. You're in doubt because you're not sure if it has any ingredient that might irritate your skin. Skincarisma would help you instantly. How? It provides you information about the product's ingredients, like its benefits and will it irritate your skin or not.

See, above you will see the summary of the product. You can also find the sellers of the products on the right side of the page.

Below is the overview of the product and its ingredients. At the top, you can see the review overview, as well as the quick product notes: Acne Fighting, Anti Aging, Paraben, Sulfate, and Alcohol Free (super helpful, right?)

You can see at the bottom, the Product Ingredient Safety Breakdown, you will see that this certain product has mostly low risk ingredients.

You can see the full ingredients list by clicking 'View All Ingredients'

You can even actively participate in reviewing products based on your experience and/or your expertise in discussing products' ingredients!

So, Skincarisma helps by providing the FULL ingredients list as well as its breakdown, and readers can help providing their review on the products. How helpful that is.

You can see the users who actively participate in reviewing products, and also the brands that are currently trending.

All in all, I really recommend you to try going to to see yourself, and I can bet that you'll be addicted to it :p because all the useful information it provides you, you won't help but to love it! <3

Until next post, guys!

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